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Rustic or Modern: It’s Your Porch!

Sunspace Twin Cities enables you to create customizable 3-season porch windows, how you want it. 


Whether you’re looking for something rustic and simple, or upscale and modern, our options are endless. The difference between charming and contemporary is quite vast, but we can help you create a magical place for your family or business. Learn more about finding the right vision and direction you can take your porch windows when using Weathermaster Windows.

Finding Your Vision

Before you choose your new porch windows, it’s a good idea to have a vision for your porch style.

If you want a rustic look for your 3 season porch windows, you’ll probably want to incorporate wood finishes. If you want a more modern, upscale look, you might go for a painted finish in a dark or light color.

Keep in mind how you want the overall space to look and feel. This broad vision of your porch will help guide you through the decision-making process.

Decorating Ideas: Rustic and Charming  vs. Upscale and Modern

Once you have a vision and an idea of the type of 3 season porch windows you want, it’s time to think about decorating.

There are infinite ways to embellish your porch. Two of our favorites are rustic and charming, and upscale and modern. You might be wondering what’s involved in each of these designs? Read on to find out our suggestions!

Rustic and Charming

Rustic and charming alludes to county cottages and cozy atmospheres. To produce this look for your space, you’ll want to have a lot of wood, from the framework to your interior. If you have a stone fireplace or thinking of adding one, this is another excellent way to create a warm, friendly area for your family and friends to enjoy.


When composing a space with a rustic touch, you can finish off the area in many different ways. For instance, some people love to add homely touches like fuzzy blankets, and farm or antique decor to make their place feel inviting.  

Upscale and Modern

There are two different directions you can go for your 3 season porch windows when wanting an upscale or modern feel. Dark and light colors are ideal for creating a space with a high-end atmosphere.

If you prefer dark colors, pick dark framework from our selection of black, bronze, green, and grey. If you opt for black, bring in dark, painted metal or deep colored wood through your furniture and seating area. Use a pop of color to bring something fun into your space, or keep it calm with a monotone color scheme. Ensure you’re keeping your contemporary porch clean, without too many things going on in one room.

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If you prefer light colors, we suggest you opt for white, ivory, or driftwood finishes for a light and airy, modern touch. Then, feature your room with crisp white furniture or sleek metal work to highlight that chic element you’re ultimately obtaining. For a little color, consider soothing accent shades like sage green or soft baby blue.

Make it Your Porch with Sunspace

Whether you're looking for something contemporary to fit with a modern-style home, or you're looking for a toned-down approach to comfortable, cozy living, Sunspace Twin Cities offers a fantastic step-by-step process to help you create the best 3 season porch windows you and your guests will admire.

Ready to start designing your dream porch? Get your free guide today!

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