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Railing Options for Your 3-Season Porch
Posted on Jul 10, 2020 12:45:34 PM by Brandon Williamson | 3-season porch, Fall protection, railings

If your porch is more than 30" off the ground, building code dictates that some type of fall protection needs to be implemented. When it comes to railings, there are quite a few options available. Below, we'll show the most popular methods.

1. Traditional Railing


This traditional "picket" style of railing is most commonly installed inside of the windows but can be done on the outside as well. In this method, the window panels can drop down behind the railing, or be pushed up to the top.

Sunspace manufactures aluminum railings in colors to match the windows, and we can install them together on your porch project.

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2. Glass Railing


An aluminum deck railing can be installed within a full height Sunspace Vertical 4-Track porch window. This particular porch railing uses a piece of tempered glass as the infill instead of standard pickets used in the traditional railing. This provides a more open look and feel than having vertical lines of pickets.

Simply push the window panels from behind the railing all the way to the top or bottom of the window for 75% open screen—you’ll never have to stick your hands through the railing or bend down to operate the windows!

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3. Fixed Glass


If you don't want to compromise the view of your backyard, this is the most popular option. Sunspace Porch Windows can be installed with a fixed panel of tempered glass in the bottom 36" to provide for fall protection. The tempered glass panels do not open and the sliding window panels do not drop down below the 36" height. This results in some loss of ventilation, but does give a great look and open feeling.

The tempered glass panels are manufactured with the same aluminum frames as the operable windows and carry the same lifetime warranty.

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Creating the Perfect (and Safe) 3-Season Porch

Sunspace Twin Cities offers fall protection options that look amazing, provide great functionality, and keep you and your family safe. 

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