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Patriotic Porch Ideas You Have to Try for the 4th of July

Get ready for barbecues and lounging by the pool, because the 4th of July is almost here. We’ve got some festive decor concepts to help spruce up your Sunspace porch this patriotic season. Whether you have vertical or horizontal windows, these decorating ideas will be sure to delight!

The official declaration and birth of a new nation, the United States of America, occurred on July 4, 1776. Known as Independence Day, this day offers people a fun way to show off their patriotic spirit for all things American. Learn how you can be proudly American with festive porch decor that will shine all the way through the end of July.

Enter into the 4th of July with a Bang

In preparing for the spirit of the season, you’ll want to add some red, white, and blue to your Weathermaster entry doors. Wreaths are customary on entry doors to homes, and what better way show off this time of the year than with one right on the door to your 3 season porch. You can’t get any more patriotic than with a flag wreath, and your guests will love the little touch of a wreath to welcome them into your cozy space. View these cute wreath options and other fantastic patriotic flare at Pier 1 Imports.

Stars and Stripes: Bright Reds, Summery Blues, & Soothing Whites

Moving away from your doorway, you’ll want to continue with an interpretation of the flag throughout your space. If you have a white or light colored three season porch, you can add pops of red and blue throughout the room to bring in elements of the flag. These colors can be incorporated with red and blue pillows on your chairs, or a stars and stripes throw blanket.

For darker-themed porches, white or clear elements can make a dark space really classy. Try white candles and lamps, and finish your porch with galvanized pieces like a 3-tiered server or tray. You might also want to consider simple items like blue vases and red carnations to accent your room.

Check out some fun and festive decor pieces at Crate & Barrel.

Patterns that Pack a Punch

We all know that stars and stripes equal the Fourth of July, but there are others patterns that can bring a patriotic feel to your porch window area. Polka dots in red and white or blue and white add a sweet touch to any room. If you love plaid, bring a patriotic plaid into your space. Gingham is an excellent pattern for curtains, and brings some summer fun into your area. We also suggest mixing and matching patterns to create a festive atmosphere. Whether it’s red, white, or blue, your patterns will pack a punch!

Light Up the Night

Sparklers and fireworks are an essential part of the Fourth of July that many look forward to enjoying. If you happen to be stuck inside your beautiful Sunspace porch windows, no worries! Put up some festive fairy lights or string some mini Edison-style lights to add a bright, white touch at nighttime. Outdoor lights will create a beautiful “night under the stars” effect without having to leave the comfort of your porch.

If you want something a bit more colorful, try red and blue paper lanterns as a fun alternative to a chandelier.

For more design tips, read our blog, “Rustic or Modern: It’s your Porch!”. You’ll learn more about how to create the ideal porch setting for your home.

Design the Ultimate 4th of July Porch

Make sure to enjoy all the comforts of your Sunspace Twin Cities porch this season, when you decorate your area to reflect a very patriotic holiday.

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