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How Often Should I Replace My Porch Screens?
Posted on Jun 28, 2019 7:23:39 AM by Brandon Williamson | screen porch, screened-in porch

Ask the Porch Window Guy | Question 2: How often should I replace my porch screens?

Depending on the quality of your porch screens, you may need to replace them more frequently than you think.

High-quality screens made from durable materials tend to last longer than the cheaper alternatives. Over time, however, any screen will need to be replaced due to tears, sagging, or general wear.

Porch screens can become quite loose over time due to wind, harsh weather, and other factors, regardless of how well (or tight) they were installed.

Most standard screens will need to be replaced annually.

Generally speaking, a standard fiberglass porch screen will require replacement every year. And it never fails, as soon as you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space again, it’s usually time to replace the screens, especially in locations that experience dramatic temperature fluctuations and harsh weather throughout the seasons.

What causes porch screens to wear out so fast?

  • Rips and tears might come from dogs, kids, forest critters, etc.
  • Debris from trees and bushes such as pollen and pine needles can stick in the mesh.
  • Ice, snow, and sleet wears on the screens during winter months.
  • Wind can create a vacuum effect through your porch, which pulls screen material from staples or other fasteners.

Damage doesn't stop at the screens.

The elements take a toll not only on your screens but also on the porch itself. The debris, rain, and snow that makes its way through the screen end up on your porch floor and furniture.

Even furniture and flooring that is designed to last outside takes a beating, gets worn faster, and remains messy.

Save your porch and screens with Vinyl Porch Windows!

Vinyl porch windows from Sunspace come with screen material installed in the system. We are able to use lighter material because the windows protect the screens from wind damage. This materials creates better visibility and maintains an outdoor feel.

Having the ability to enclose your space also protects the inside of your porch. Plus, you no longer have to move your outdoor furniture to storage due to seasonality.

Rather than investing in replacement material (and your time) each and every year, consider a lifelong investment to enclose your porch, extend its use, and enjoy more time in your outdoor space rather than maintaining it.

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