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Heating and Cooling Your 3-Season Porch [VIDEO]
Posted on Oct 23, 2018 10:30:23 AM by Brandon Williamson | vinyl porch windows, screened-in porch, 3-season porch

Using a porch in harsh winters can be a challenge. One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is how they can get use out of their porch when the temperature starts getting cold.

The video below shares a few tips for getting more out of your porch all year round. 

How Do Sunspace Windows Perform in the Cold?

Sunspace Porch Windows are made to withstand the frigid conditions we get here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They're meant to be left outside in even the coldest of winters and hottest of summers. It's also worth mentioning that all Sunspace Porch Windows are backed with a lifetime warranty in the chance that something were to happen to them. 

How Warm Will My Porch be in the Winter?

Sun Exposure

Getting natural sunlight through your vertical 4-track or horizontal sliding porch windows is a great way to help keep your porch at a comfortable temperature. When the outside temperature is anywhere above 40 degrees, a little sun can keep your porch comfortable and let you enjoy it while the windows are closed. 

When the temperature starts to get colder than that, you may want to consider adding a heat source.


Heat Source

When you add a heat source such as a space heater, you'll be able to use your porch in the dead of winter. Sunspace Porch Windows do a great job of holding the heat in to keep your porch warm. You can even keep your porch heated around 70 degrees with a wood-burning fireplace. 

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Cool Your Porch in the Summer

Just like keeping your porch warm in the winter, you can keep your porch cool in the summer by adding an air conditioner, or opening the door from the house or outside and letting the air flow into it. 

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Can I Keep My Porch Heated or Cooled All Day?

Keeping your porch heated or cooled all day is possible, but it's not recommended. Once you turn off your heat/cooling source, the temperature will return to the temperature outside. The best option is to plug in the heater, start the fire, or turn on the AC and use the porch when the temperature is where you like it. Once you're ready to go back into the house, you can let the porch return to the ambient temperature and not worry about keeping an extra room heated or cooled all day. 

Creating the Perfect 3-Season Porch for Every Season

Whether it's a hot summer day or a cold winter night, having Sunspace Porch Windows installed in your 3-season porch allows you to enjoy it throughout the entire year.

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