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Enjoy Your Sunroom As a Family

Summer is near and kids will be home from school, making your home into base camp for fun and adventures. Think ahead and get your outdoor living space prepared for all the kid action it will see over the next three months.

Organize and Optimize! 




Take the time to find a space for everything. Cube storage boxes can be beautifully decorative and also provide a great place to store toys or cords and cables (for your older kids' toys). Have kids help categorize their toys by type; they will discover long forgotten favorites to play with. Consider using a metal cart to localize each family members most used items for easy pick up and put away. When everything has a place, it makes your porch optimized for use by the whole family.

Enjoy a Reading Nook

reading nook2.jpg


reading nook.jpg

Reading is one of the most enjoyable activities for your porch, so create a space that can be a sanctuary for the written word. Organize books by age level or by color as a way to engage with your collection. Stacking crates are a great way to create book storage.

Reading is also a great mess free activity for kids! Take some time for yourself to model diving into a great book. The warm sun through windows makes summer reading so pleasant on the porch.

Craft Central

pineapple thumbprint.jpg


mini plants.jpg


Crafting is a wonderful way to engage kids of all ages during the summer. Use your sunroom as a crafting command station for the paint to dry fast with the air flowing in from the porch windows. We've pinned a bunch of ideas for porch crafts over at our Pinterest page for your enjoyment.



Plant and Watch Grow




Succulents are the perfect plant for your porch or sunroom. They are beautiful additions of greenery and extremely durable. They also take heat and sun very well, while keeping dry soil.

Learning the names and types of succulents with your kids is also a great educational activity to keep learning going during the summer.

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All of our ideas are brought to you by our Pinterest page! Head on over and see our ideas and inspiration for yourself.

Share the ways you'll be using your porch or sunroom this summer in a comment!