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Can I Put Glass Windows in My Porch?
Posted on Jun 14, 2019 2:27:34 PM by Brandon Williamson | 3-season porch

Ask the Porch Window Guy | Question 1: Can I put glass windows in my porch?

The short answer is “yes.” But, I would follow-up with a question of my own: “Do you need another room in your house?” Cause that’s what you’ll end up with.

Typical glass windows will really change your outdoor space, and not just visually. Glass windows will completely alter how your porch feels and how it’s used.

House Windows are NOT Manufactured for Porches

Screened-in porches are not constructed with insulated windows in mind. Traditional windows are meant to be trimmed out, both on the inside and outside. Plus, most house windows are not manufactured to be used in an unconditioned space. In a porch setting, humidity and temperature are unstable due to a lack of insulation and climate control.

Even if you put in the most energy efficient windows into a porch, it’s still gonna feel cold in the winter – especially if you don’t have a heat source. So, you’re stuck with an outdoor temperature without the outdoor feel. That doesn’t make much sense for an outdoor space.

Basically, to put traditional glass windows in a porch is an expensive and complicated process without return on the investment.

Keep the Outdoor Feel and Ditch the Elements

A screen porch is great for an outdoor feel and to keep pesky bugs away. However, there are times when you wish you could close it up to the elements.

Glass windows are not the best option to enclose your porch for the following reasons:

  • Traditional windows are not built for spaces without climate control.
  • They lack functionality to save the outdoor feel of a porch.
  • And, they can be expensive and complex to install.

Sunspace Porch Windows

Sunspace porch windows are made intentionally to hit the middle ground. Our customers are looking for something that is going to allow them to maintain that screened-in porch feel – like an outdoor room – and also give protection when they want to keep out the rain, snow, dust, and wind.

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