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Brandon Williamson

Brandon Williamson
Brandon Williamson is CEO of Sunspace Twin Cities. Brandon converts regular and underutilized porches and decks into areas of pride and joy for families looking to entertain, enjoy, and have peace in its surroundings.
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5 Pieces You Must Have in Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted on Feb 20, 2017 10:28:00 PM by Brandon Williamson | outdoor living

So you’ve just upgraded your patio to a 3-season porch. You have all this open space, and now it’s time to decorate. Where should you start?

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3 Popular Trends in Porch Decor

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 10:08:25 AM by Brandon Williamson | Insider

Three-season porches are becoming increasingly popular as people desire to get more connected to the outdoors. A porch can be used as an additional living space for you and your family, a quiet getaway for yourself or an entertainment zone for your friends. 

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