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5 Pieces You Must Have in Your Outdoor Living Space
Posted on Feb 20, 2017 10:28:00 PM by Brandon Williamson | outdoor living

So you’ve just upgraded your patio to a 3-season porch. You have all this open space, and now it’s time to decorate. Where should you start?

  • The Traditional Rocking Chair - Classic and functional, the rocking chair was and still is a staple for any living space. The rocker was designed for making memories. Imagine rocking your young one to sleep on a beautiful warm day or listening to your grandparent share stories from the past near the fireplace. No matter what theme you are going for, a rocking chair can fit in just about any decorum.


  • Window Dressings - Your Sunspace Weathermaster Porch Windows are great at protecting you and your porch from the harsh outdoors. Though at times natural lighting can be overwhelming and hot. This is when window dressings are a must. Hanging a few curtains or shades like Sunspace Sunshades not only gives your 3-season porch a more inviting look, but is also useful in blocking the bright sun, adds privacy whenever you need it, and provides a layer of insulation when the temperature drops.  


  • Dining Tables - Traditionally, the dining room table has been the place for where great memories are made and bellies are filled. Though let’s be honest, eating in a dining room is becoming less conventional and great moments can happen anywhere. Especially if it’s a beautiful day, why sit inside? Let your 3-season porch be the new place for where you and your guests enjoy delicious eats and create great memories together. Add a dining table and a few trays here and there and you are all set!


  • Seating for One or All - Along the same lines as the dining table, you want to make sure your space is equipped for how you want to use it. We can almost guarantee you are going to need seating, and not just any seating...COMFY seating. Whether  you are planning to use the space for private lounging or entertaining many, it is critical that you have furniture that is pleasant to sit on for extended periods of time (you are not going to want to leave this room). The last thing you want is a bad back or an achy body all because your furniture was not comfortable. By the way, hammocks are back!


  • Decorative Pieces That Promote Positivity - You set the atmosphere by what you put in a room. As discussed in our 3 Popular Trends in Porch Decor blog, adding some green to your 3-season porch promotes good health, positive energy, and clean air. In addition to plants, water invites life, growth, and relaxation. There are studies that water is known to make humans happier and healthier, so why not create a fountain, or enjoy the view of the lake or pool our back. Kick up the positive vibes in your outdoor living space with the elements that bring you back to nature.


Starting with these five pieces will help jumpstart your decorating process. But what’s most important is finding pieces that represent YOU. What are YOUR must-haves? Join the conversation on Twitter with us @SunspaceMN using #myoutdooroasis!

Craving more ideas? Check out our Top 10 Trends For Designing the Porch of Your Dreams eBook for additional inspiration on turning a traditional porch into your outdoor oasis!

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