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3 Ways to Luxurize Your Porch and Patio into an Outdoor Oasis

With our participation in Midwest Home Magazine’s 2017 Luxury Home Tour, we are all about luxurious designs and style inspiration. Here are a few ideas to dream and make them reality for your outdoor spaces.


All things green are gold in our mind. Array your patio with beautiful plants to bring the outdoors into your living space. Pick your favorite potted plants to place on tables and shelves (we love succulents!) or integrate greenery into your seating arrangements with creative cinder blocks and luscious cushions. The streaming sun through your porch windows will feed your green plants.

      7f115a60693f5bfd6f276187aedd77b1.jpg          4e6d4387fb0458d82488b4f6ed5d83bb.jpg



Gathering on your porch or patio with family and friends is one of the highlights of warm weather. Think about using long sectional seating to include everyone comfortable for large spaces. Small benches make small spaces cosier, especially with decorative pillows and voluptuous blankets. For an extra enjoyable seat, invest in a swinging chair or bench. Outdoor areas bring people together, so have your space be an enjoyable place to lounge.  

   80bab600a780999fc3d4bce8b3aa49f4.jpg       e7a0c5951b0a9bbdb71346db2633f201.jpg



Invite your gathering into your outdoor oasis with charming lights and candles. Use a statement sign to claim your space and set the mood! Your own personality and style will shine through to make your porch or patio your own version of luxurious.

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